Account Opening process for In-branch customer

Instant Account opening Process for NTB/Walk-In Individuals/Joint/Sole Proprietorship Customers (Relationship Managers/Customer Relationship Managers)

1. In-Branch

a) Customer visits the branch for a new relationship [Account Opening] with all required documents.

b) CRO/CRM shall ascertain the customers’ account opening requirements and guide him/her to the Relationship Manager (RM).

c) The Relationship Manager shall explain to the customer of the AOF requirements and Terms and Conditions under which the account shall be operated (minimum balance requirement & product features) and simultaneously perform the scrutiny of the provided documents for completeness.

d) The Relationship Manager shall further assess customer’s identity by requesting for original CNIC/SNIC and will make photocopy, duly mark notation ‘Original Seen’ on the customer’s CNIC/SNIC copy with signatures.

e) Subsequently RM shall perform online Bio Metric (Refer for details at 2.5.20, P. g. No. 27 of the manual) / NADRA verification and SLS checks of the customer’s identity are also a mandatory requirement. The print outs of NADRA verification and SLS checks (for exact/ phonetic match) will be obtained and signed off by the RM as checker and by the BSOM/BM as verifier. All these verifications print out shall be attached with the AOF.

f) SLS checks will perform by RM`s "authorized person" with name of customer / company / director / partner / mandate holder / signatory as per ID/document name and with ID card number.

g) Customer name SLS checks will perform with both options of search “exact match and phonetic match”.

h) SLS phonetic check performed, and detail verified confirmation given on exact match printout page with separate signatures.

i) Customer ID SLS check performed with exact match.

j) Relationship Manager shall proceed for the account opening in the system.

k) Relationship Manager, while interviewing the customer about the relevant details, shall input all the information in the system on real time basis. All the account opening fields, profile data and KYC related information shall be entered in the system.

l) Mobile number is Mandatory for Individual / Sole Proprietorship Account/s

m) Relationship Manager while opening account shall also input customer’s cheque book and VDC request on the system.

n) Relationship Manager after inputting all the fields and before submitting the application shall request the customer to view and validate the entire input done on the system screen. In case any error is identified, same will then be amended by the RM. RM shall mark check on the items obtained from the customer on the account opening checklist in the system.

o) After customer’s validation, RM shall submit the account application in the system and take the printouts of the system generated Account Opening Form.

p) RM shall then present the system generated AOF and Terms and Conditions booklet along with customer awareness form (Urdu/English) to the customer for sign off. The RM shall then stamp and sign off AOF documents and checklist as an in-putter.

q) BSOM or BM shall review and authorize the information input in the system. System would then automatically generate the customer’s CP number and Account number. After further ensuring that the required documents are complete, the BM/BSOM will stamp and sign off the AOF.

r) After authorization, SMS confirmation shall be served to the customer meanwhile an intimation email to BSOM/BM/RM/CRO confirming the opening of account shall also be served.

s) BSOM shall write the account number on system generated AOF, checklist and SS cards.

t) RM, after completion of account opening process, shall process the ADC services (Internet Banking) as requested by the customer.

u) New account opened by the RM shall remain under ‘PND’ status (Post No Debit) until the complete scrutiny is performed by the ASD.

v) The account opening range reports shall be generated through Instant account opening portal, verified and signed off by the processor and authorizer and the same will be attached with AOF & related Documents for future reference and audit purpose.

w) CSO shall upload the SS Card on T24. This activity shall be authorized by CSM, BSOM or BM.

x) For “Initial Deposit” requirement a deposit slip with account number and amount be given over to the customer for depositing the cash at the cash counter.

y) After proper checking and input the CSO shall get the transaction authorized and shall deliver receipt to customer.

z) Branch authorized officer shall scan the AOF, SS Cards and related documents and send to ASD (COD) for post account opening scrutiny on the same day of account opening.

aa) Branch shall retain the original customer signed AOF along with all related documents, one SS Card in duly locked fireproof cabinet under dual control. Branch will separately retain one SS Card at the Cash counter in SS card trolley.

bb) Branch should upload Acknowledgement list of all accounts on Rosetta which were handed over to First Solution (FS).

2. What are the documents will be required:

a) -Documents (individual):

(1) CNIC Copy

(2) Job ID Card or Appointment Letter or Salary Slip or a Letter from the Employer.

b) -Documents (company):

(1) CNIC Copy

(2) Sole Proprietorship Stamp

(3) A/c opening request along with Sole Proprietorship Declaration on firm`s letterhead

(4) NTN Certificate or Bank`s reference certificate (at least 6 months old relationship.

3. What shall be the TAT of opening an account with Silkbank.

a) Instant at the time of visiting the branch and 03 working days for normal account, both are correct. (Provided all required documents are in place)

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